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Our Cla​sses 

Mommy/Daddy (Parent/Guardian) & Me - (Walking - 24 months)

30 minute class for our youngest dancers. Help your child discover movement and expression while networking with other parents through a structure that blends dance, music, and imagination.

Tiny Tots - (24 months - 4 years)

60 minute class that incorporates singing and dancing while learning nursery rhymes and the basic dance movements. The dancers will use props such as magic scarves, noodles, magic wands, balls, hula hoops, they will make crafts, play games and much more! Children will have a great time developing physical and social skills in a happy, encouraging and fun environment. and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Kinder-Dance - (4 - 6 years)

60 minute combo class that introduces the structure of a dance class. This unique program inspires a love for dance while teaching children the basics of dance and so much more! Combo classes introduce the structure of a dance class. In these classes students will develop fine and gross motor skills, listening skills, socialization, discipline, rhythm and musicality. Tap is introduced to develop musicality and coordination. First year in Kinder-Dance performs just Ballet in the recital. Second year in Kinder-Dance performs ballet and tap in the recital.

Pre-Ballet Tap Jazz Combo (6-8 years)

75 minute combo classes that continue working on the ballet basics and introduces more complex movements.​ Basic tap and jazz steps are introduced. Students will learn Tap, Jazz & Ballet but will only perform two dances in the recital.

Acro - (4 and up)

This class that concentrates on an intense aerobic warm up, basic gymnastic floor moves such as somersaults, cartwheels, back-bends and progress into learning more technical tricks such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chest rolls, hand springs, tucks and contortionist moves. No shoes are required.

Ballet - (8 and up)

60/90 minute class that establishes proper body alignment. Being the foundation of all other dance styles, Ballet is highly recommended for all students. Ballet is the foundation of dance, the grace and discipline in ballet are carried on through all different genres. Once a student has mastered the proper technique and strength, they will advance in the ballet program at the discretion of the director. It is encouraged that our students take ballet twice a week if they wish to progress into our Pre-Pointe/Pointe classes. The discipline of ballet will improve posture, coordination, learning ability, self discipline, dance etiquette, and self confidence.

Jazz - (8 and up)

45/60 minute class that consists of three parts: warm up, across the floor technique/progressions and combinations. This is where students take all they learned and worked on and put it all together for a fun performance.. Jazz is a form of dance that is energetic and fun, featuring strong and sharp movements, big leaps and turns to todays popular music.

Tap - (8 and up)

45 minute class that promotes rhythm and musicality. This class consists of warm-up, tap technique, progressions and combinations. In more advanced classes quick footwork, coordination and precision are emphasized.

Hip Hop - (4 and up)

45 minute class fun for both boys and girls, teaches social dancing through movement across the floor and choreography, that combines Hip-Hop elements like popping and locking. Students are also encouraged to create their own choreography. This class is designed to build confidence and coordination. Hip hop, which is the type of dance most commonly seen in music videos, is very upbeat and provides a great workout!

Lyrical - (5 and up)

60/90 minute class that is a combination of ballet, modern and jazz dance that comes together through smooth and controlled movements while utilizing the lyrics and feeling the music.

Modern - (11 and up)

45/60 minute class that focuses on the techniques of the modern pioneers including Lester Horton, Martha Graham and Jose Limon. Modern explores dance through shapes, lines and creative choreography, designed to expand one’s perception of dance. Teachers encourage students to experiment with choreography in a unique way.

Musical Theatre - (8 and up)

45 minute class that combines jazz technique with other varieties to create a “Broadway” style of dance. This class will follow a jazz warm up and will have progressions and center floor work and combinations that combine acting with jazz dance. A weekly class will consist of a combination of dance, theater monologues, acting games and exercises.

Pre-Pointe/Pointe - (11 and up)

30/60 minute class that requires strength and correct body alignment. Once students have developed and mastered strong and proper technique they are selected on an individual basis at the discretion of the director. Most students will start with pre-pointe in addition to their regular ballet classes, dancers must be in ballet at least twice a week. This class will consist of exercises to help develop the foot and ankle muscles in preparation for pointe shoes.

Competition Program - (5 and up)

Designed for the dancer who wants to take dance to the next level. Auditions are required for this program. Once you accept into the competition program you are expected to be at EVERY performance. The commitment is great, but the rewards are greater! Each dancer and dance parent will be required to sign the competition manual/competition policy handbook that further discusses absences, dress code, and all other requirements.

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